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Picture Day 2018


LOCATION: Palumbo Rec            
DATE: Saturday, NOV 3, 2018            

1. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time.             
2. All players are encouraged to be in the team photograph, but only those who place an order will have individual and/or team photographs printed for them.             
3. Please come to Picture Day for the team photo even if you do not plan to order pictures.            
4. Please be mindful of any game taking place on the fields and walk around the permiter.             
5. In the event of inclement weather, Picture Day will be moved, more details to come if this is the case.             

8:30 AM 2008 Blue 2010 White
8:45 AM Little Kickers 2010 Blue
9:00 AM Little Kickers Atoms
9:15 AM Fever Knights
9:30 AM Steel Panthers
9:45 AM Kixx Fury
10:00 AM Little Kickers 2007 Girls Blue
10:15 AM Fire Revs
10:30 AM Charge Chelsea
10:45 AM 2009 Girls Blue 2007 Blue
11:00 AM 2009 Blue 2005 Blue
11:15 AM Union Impact
11:30 AM 2006 Blue Dortmund
11:45 AM 2009 White  
12:00 PM 2007 White  
12:15 PM Crew Red Bulls
12:30 PM Man U Real
12:45 PM    
1:00 PM