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Travel Program

The travel program was designed for those dedicated soccer players looking for a more competitive environment.  During the fall and winter seasons, teams practice two to three times per week with weekly games in competitive leagues. Spring season brings weekly practice with the option of additional technical training plus games on the weekend.  Our travel teams compete in different leagues and levels depending on where each team can be most competitive.  All teams have licensed coaches with a variety of experiences from coaching college and high school teams to coaching elite teams in NJ and PA.

Questions about our travel teams can be sent to the Head of Coaching.

FALL SEASON (mid-August thru Thanksgiving Weekend) 

  • 2 weekly training sessions (occasional 3rd weekly session, if field space allows) 

  • Placement in appropriate division of Inter-County Soccer League (ICSL)  - 1 game per week

  • Participation in two (2) tournaments 

WINTER SEASON (early December thru mid-March) 

  • 2-3 total training sessions in December before holidays 

  • 2 weekly Futsal training sessions in area gyms starting after New Years (or combination of futsal and turf practices)

  • Participation in South Jersey Futsal League or like league (or combination of turf and futsal leagues) - 1 game per week

  • Participation in one to two tournaments 

SPRING SEASON (late March thru early June) 

  • 1-2 weekly training sessions (dependent upon field space and player schedules) 

  • Participation in Rock League or like league (all games on Sunday afternoons)  


  • Head Coach will be paid, professionally licensed coach.  5+ years of club travel soccer head coaching experience preferred, minimum of 3 years head coaching experience.  Each of Palumbo’s  travel head coaches will have  a US Soccer  license, NSCAA, or international equivalent.  A majority of our travel head coaches have played NCAA collegiate soccer (international equivalent) or professional soccer.  Please go see Palumbo’s outstanding travel coaching staff roster

  • IMPORTANT:  Palumbo does not name its coaching staff for the following year prior to team selection because we wait to see the makeup of each team.  Once teams are determined, we then assign Head Coaches based on the best fit for that specific team, from an individual player development and collective team development standpoint. 

  • Palumbo Soccer Club strives to have all team training sessions within a 20 minute drive of our home field at 10th and Fitzwater in South Philadelphia. 

  • Projected Total Soccer hours for the year is 125 to 130 hours.