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In-House League

Fall 2021

Our In-House League will encompass a 9-week schedule, beginning 9/12 thru tournament weekend of 11/13

 The program will be split into 3 different leagues ( divided by birth year) Squirts (2014-2015), Junior (2013-2012), Senior (2011-2009)

  • Weekly Schedule is as follows:

    • 1 Weekend 60 minute Technical Training Session (broken down by age bracket) with Palumbo SC coaches, focused on ball skill work, learning the basics of the game, and overall soccer enjoyment
      All techincal training will be on Sundays
      (Squirts 8 or 9 am, Juniors 10 or 11 am, Seniors 11 am)

    • 1 Weekday evening  Team Session led by a parent head coach, focusing on a pre-planned USSF training session that falls within the age-appropriate scope and sequence, as recommended by US Soccer

    • 1 Saturday In-House League Game, formats described below based on age bracket (squirts games beginning at 9 am, followed by juniors and senior games)

  • Game formats and roster sizes are as follows ( 7 regular season games, 1 season-ending tournament).  10 player per team, in 5v5 game format. Seniors level may play on a larger field in a 7v7 format.

  • All Field Locations are Local to the Bella Vista / Queen Village neighborhood

    • Palumbo Recreation Center (10th and Fitzwater)

    • Starr Garden Playground (6th and Lombard)

Tuition for Palumbo's Fall In-House program will run $195 per player.  This includes 17 training sessions, 7 league games, 1 season ending tournament weekend, and an in-house team t-shirt that all players will wear on game days.  Tuition proceeds will be used to pay professionally licensed trainer, purchase club / team equipment,  ref fees, club insurance costs,  etc.

Important Dates:

 Evaluation Day (for all players) Saturday AUG 28 at Palumbo Rec Center.  Rain Date will be AUG 29 

Parent Coach Draft: Week of AUG 30

Players will receive their team assignments and practice day/time/location after the draft.

First Day technical training: SEPT 12
First Day team training: the week of SEPT 13
Last Day of technical training: NOV 7
Last Day of team training: week of NOV 8

First Game: SEPT 11 (first game is pre-season) 
Last Game: NOV 13 (in-house tournament)

There is no practice/games on OCT 9-11 (Holiday weekend)

Previous Seasons


This season brings fun "pickup" style soccer to finish up the year. There will be one technical training session per week by our travel team coaches. Players attending  will be divided into teams/groups on-site by our coaches  .  You will not need to alert Palumbo of  days that you will be attending or missing.  The program will be split into 3 different levels ( divided by birth year) Squirts (2014-2013), Junior (2012-2011), Senior (2010-2008).  Come when you can and enjoy the fun! 

Spring In-House 2021 Training Schedule

spring session will take place 4/3- 6/12
NO practice 5/29 (Memorial Day weekend )

SATURDAYS at Starr Garden
Squirts: 3-4pm
Juniors: 4-5 pm
Seniors: 5-6 pm

Squirts Session 2:  Wednesdays 4/7-6/16,  5-6pm, at Palumbo Rec
NOTE: new ending date because of 2 rained out sessions

There will be no ranking day for the spring in-house season.

Cost: $130

Please bring to all practices and games a soccer ball (see FAQ  for size), water bottle, and wear sneakers or cleats.  All players MUST wear shin guards and a mask (even during soccer play).

All in- house Sessions are Sold Out!

Winter 2020

SQUIRTS Divisions is FULL. 
Please sign our wait list and we will try to place players in the order they signed it.

Winter Season will encompass a 9 week program which will have 3 different age categories ( divided by birth year)

  • Squirts (2012-2013) practice days MON or TUES only at Nebinger School
  • Junior (2011-2010) practice days WED or THURS only at Nebinger School
  • Senior (2009-2007) practice days TUES or WED only at Academy of Palumbo

Each week there will be one practice session led by our Palumbo Coaches and one weekend game.  There will be 10 players on a team and 4 teams in each age category.

Tuition for Palumbo's Winter In-House program will run $195 per player.  This includes training sessions, league games, 1 season ending tournament weekend, and an in-house team t-shirt that all players will wear on game days.  Tuition proceeds will be used to pay professionally licensed trainer, purchase club / team equipment,  club insurance costs,   administrative costs, etc.

Game Times
Squirts:  8 am or 9 am at Old Pine CC
Juniors: 2:30 or 3:30 pm at Palumbo Rec
Seniors: 12:30 or 1:30 pm at Palumbo Rec

Important Dates

  • In-House Play Date: DEC 14 at Palumbo Rec
    Squirts: 12:45-1:45pm, Juniors: 2-3pm, Seniors: 3:15-4:15pm
  • Parent Coach Draft: week of DEC 16
  • Program start date: JAN 6
  • Season ending tournament: MAR 7  (snow date MAR 14)
  • No practice days:
    • 1/20 (Martin Luther King Day)
    • 2/17 (President's Day)